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Seven Reasons To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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Never, Never, Quit on Your Dream

Can you remember as a child who you wanted to be when you grew up? Did you want to be a baker or fireman? Maybe you wanted to be a ballerina. Regardless of whether you still dream of twirling around in a pink tutu or racing to put out a house fire, you likely still have dreams you want to achieve for your life. The only question is really whether or not you’re doing it. Are you putting actual effort in achieving it? Or have you allowed your daily life to take over and stifle those dreams?

Here Are Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Dreams

The Benefits Of Failure

We typically think of failure as bad but there are some benefits to it. The average person won’t even try to achieve their dreams out of fear of failing. This is only because they don’t understand that this is the way that people learn and grow.

Abraham Lincoln

There are numerous examples in American success stories where someone had to fail again and again before achieving what they hoped for. Abraham Lincoln failed in war, he failed as a businessman, as an attorney, and his first attempts in politics were also failures. Even so, he ultimately became one of the most respected presidents of the United States of all time. In school, Thomas Edison was told by his teachers that he was stupid and it took him over a thousand attempts before successfully inventing the light-bulb.

Michael Jordon

Michael Jordan failed to make the high school basketball team when he first tried and according to his own admission, he’s missed over 9000 shots in his career. He lost close to 300 games and failed to hit the game-winning shot 26 different times. He is quoted as saying that because he failed, again and again, he was able to succeed. These success stories help us understand that we shouldn’t give up on the pursuit of our dreams out of fear that we might fail.

Be Persistent

When someone experiences lots of failure they learn to be persistent. This is a tool that is often learned by experiencing the hardship of failure. Those who don’t fall down never learn how to get back up. Each time we are able to get up after a failure we become stronger and that makes us more able to reach our target.

Avoid The Agony Of Having To Wonder What Might Have Been

Perhaps you regret not trying something in your life. Maybe you wanted to try out for a part in a school play or you wanted to ask someone special out on a date. Even years later you might sometimes recall those things and regret the fact that you didn’t pursue those dreams.

The way to simply avoid having that kind of regret is to simply try to do the things you want to do. It isn’t always necessary to do some huge thing but if you put together a plan that allows you to take small steps towards your goal, then you can get started moving in the right direction. Step by step you can get yourself there.

Experience Small Successes Along The Way

When you set big dreams you get to enjoy the satisfaction of achieving small successes along the way. These small successes can be celebrated and enjoyed. They can also motivate and inspire you towards the bigger goal and, in time, allow you to achieve it.

Enjoy The Pursuit

It is not only the destination but the pursuit that can be enjoyed. In our constitution, we are given the right to pursue happiness. Life is often the things that happen while we are pursuing our happiness and our dreams. We are able to make friendships, memories, experience love, and learn skills as part of the process. When we go to apply for college it might lead to our meeting our perfect soulmate. When we’re trying to earn a promotion at work we might develop a mentor. To benefit from those things that come our way during the pursuit, we have to take action and follow our dreams.

Success Is Often Closer Than You Think

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People often don’t know how close they are. You just don’t know what that one extra phone call will result in, what will happen at that next interview. If you put in one more late night at work following your passions it may be just the thing that was needed. It’s quite common for people to give up just before they achieve success. We don’t know the future but what we can do is keep working toward our dreams.

Be An Example

By following your dreams you can be a great example to those you care about. If you have children you don’t want them to think about you sitting around watching reruns on TV. You’d rather have them thinking about you as people who follow their passions. When you work towards your dreams you teach the younger generation how to do so. You help them to learn to never give up.

Don’t You Ever Give Up On Your Dream